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Technological Innovations and Advancements for Effective Ecosystem Monitoring


Siddeswara Guru




Session Description

Ecosystem monitoring is essential for understanding and managing environmental changes, biodiversity, and ecosystem health. Traditional monitoring methods often have limitations regarding coverage, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Technological innovations hold immense potential to revolutionise ecosystem monitoring practices, providing a more holistic understanding of environmental dynamics and facilitating proactive conservation measures. The session will examine the technological innovations and advancements to enhance ecosystem monitoring capabilities, providing more accurate, timely, and comprehensive data for informed decision-making and conservation efforts. The objectives of the session are to explore how technological advancements and innovation have played a vital role in improving ecological monitoring and outcomes, including:

  • monitoring practices (both periodic and real-time),

  • technological innovations in satellite remote sensing and distributed sensing,

  • enhanced data collection, analysis and visualisation techniques using various methods, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,

  • Infrastructure development and management for data storage, analysis, visualisation, data standards, and interoperability.


Special Session

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