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Long-term dynamics of ecosystem structure and function in lakes


Guangwei Zhu, Hans W. Paerl

Lake Taihu Field Station, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, CAS



Session Description

Lakes are among the most important ecosystems from ecological and socioeconomic perspectives. Despite this, lake ecosystem structure, function and resiliency are facing huge and growing pressures due to expanding human activities and climate changes. Long-term observatory and research provide robust scientific theory and tools for lake protection and restoration. This session will feature case studies and regional or global observational research and analytical approaches addressing mechanisms underlying long-term changes taking place in lake ecosystem. The discussion and communication will promote limnological theory development and implementation of management approaches aimed at ensuring resiliency and protecting resourcefulness of global lake ecosystems.


Session Justification

The role of lake ecological observatories in one of the main themes addressing ecological, environmental, and socioeconomic research on lakes and reservoirs. This session is reflective of and central to the ILTER OSM scope. Ensuring clean and resourceful inland waters is a high priority state movements in China today.  We anticipate broad interest and participation by meeting attendees.


One Sentence Session Summary

This session will include ecological processes, mechanisms and new methods addressing long-term lake and reservoir ecosystem structure and function under the pressures of human activities and climate change on local, regional, and global scales.


Special Session

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